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1.5mm Royal Blue Solid Stretch Neoprene


From stylish dresses to durable wet-suits neoprene is a fantastic and sturdy material just right for the job. Enriched with color here is a particualr medium-weight neoprene suitable for both sportswear and active wear applications. For those who are unfamiliar with neoprene altogether this type of material has oftem been used to create scuba-diving and surfing wet-suits or lap top slip covers because it maintains its flexibility over a wide variety of temperatures and displays an enormous amount of chemical stability. Neoprene has not only been a large component in water sports but it has also made a huge impact on the fashion industry from gorgeous dresses to fantastic skirts. With the addition of spandex form fitting applications such as bathing suits are also an option. Dare to dive into the world of neoprene? Do note that this neoprene is 1.5mm thick and ideal for fashion applications.


Product: 1.5mm Royal Blue Solid Stretch Neoprene

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